• Cinderella



    It has been 84 years since I’ve watched this and it still holds up!

  • Ticks



    I thought it was going to be a crazy over the top horror movie sorta like Troll 2 but it sets between made for TV and kinda boring..I don’t really care for these characters and most of the time is dedicated to them. Some of the special effects are cool but I had to skip the parts where the dog was getting getting killed by the ticks.

    I’d skip this.

  • Prey



    They didn’t fuck it up!

    I’m so glad this came out really good because I didn’t have high hopes since The Predator ruined everything. I like that they go back to basics but in a completely new setting, Naru is so awesome and kick ass along with the doggo companion. The movie is shot really beautifully and none of the scenery felt like people standing in front of the green screen. Kills were brutal and the Predator itself was cool…

  • Green Lantern: Beware My Power

    Green Lantern: Beware My Power


    Fun watch, it doesn’t really wow in terms of story but there’s entertainment to be had here with some smooth animations along with the cast of characters.

  • Barbarella



    This movie is so bad but good cause it’s incredibly cheesy, it immediately opens up with Jane Fonda taking off her clothes in a zero gravity room to a HELLA 60’s soundtrack, it’s so over the top and extremely horny but I guess that was the 60’s.

    I do wonder when this movie came out if women were secretly crushing on Jane Fonda which is most likely possible.

  • The Gray Man

    The Gray Man


    If I had a dollar for every jump cut in a action sequence I could take Ana De Armas to a Paris dinner. 

    It’s just a boring spy movie, I should have just put on Mission Impossible for a good film. I hope that action movie with Ana is gonna be good.

    I only liked this when they went to Berlin and the last sequence..which was basically the ending 🤣🤣

  • 1Up



    “A Buzzfeed Studio”

    Oh fuck…

    Now I get that gaming and competitive gaming can be very toxic towards women so I thought the idea of this movie was pretty interesting and really different, what was the last movie about video games? The Wizard? 

    The real problem is that this written like a Buzzfeed article who knows nothing about video games so everything is so heavy handed and nothing is subtle like holy shit the Death Star is more subtle than…

  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal


    It’s just titties without a purpose and that’s just the worst kind.

    I really wanted to enjoy this film cause it seemed up my alley but some of the shorts feel half assed and don’t really flow like it’s just fucking 🤣

    I did like the zombie one and Taarna , I wish that was the main focus instead because it reminded me of She-Ra plus she actually kicks ass cause the other women in the movie are just there for sex and die. At least the music is great and hearing John Candy and Harold Ramis is a treat.

  • The Last Blockbuster

    The Last Blockbuster


    Blockbuster is indeed a holy place.

  • Ms. Marvel

    Ms. Marvel


    The first two episodes were great finally seeing Kamala in the MCU and seeing the representation is awesome, the actors are having a lot of fun and show a lot of chemistry.

    But the story is so boring and cliché that I saw the villain reveal from a million miles away, I’ve see this story play out a thousand times before and they’ll do it more, at this point I think I’d rather see Kamala’s story in the Avengers game..

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    A silly adventure movie with awesome visuals with a nod to 300 and those trick shots. Christian Bale does any awesome job sometimes he didn’t feel like he’s reading off a script instead improvising lines. Chris Hemsworth is also great as Thor and I actually think they improved Jane Foster cause she was always just..around in the other movies but here’s she’s awesome!

    There’s a few problems such as Valkyrie..she’s just sorta there? Like I understand she’s bored as a…

  • Lemonade Mouth

    Lemonade Mouth


    I know it’s direct to Disney channel movie but it’s the greatest movie ever with a rocking soundtrack.