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  • The Post

    The Post


    formally lovely, politically fairly stolid and dry—touches on interesting things on the relationship of the press to power (graham’s friendship w/ mcnamara, for instance) and then throws it all out the window in service of a more rote “in the age of fake news” ending affirming the power of the press

  • Rivers of Sand

    Rivers of Sand


    i'm v. interested in how this film deals w/ rhythm---in terms of editing, movement, sound, etc---and how rhythm is used to draw parallels that reveal the particular construction of the oppression of the Hamar women but also how that oppression is intertwined w/ everyday life in all its joys & sorrows

    also: my professor, who was close w/ Gardner told a story after this movie about how when Gardner showed the film to Robert Lowell & Kentucky-born Elizabeth Hardwick, still unsure of what to call the film, Hardwick responded "you oughta call it The Grindstone, honey."

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  • Kedi



    citizen kane is garbage now because it's not about cats

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    cosmo sex tip: periodically poison your husband