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  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman


    Okay... it’s confusing enough being Black in America, much less a Black Lesbian filmmaker in the 90’s. You can’t take away it’s place in Black Film history, you earned it Cheryl Dunye.

    Now my thoughts... it’s flawed, disregarding the (90’s video) visual aesthetic... the characters are not fleshed out, most lack motivation for there actions and reactions. Big issues are raised and not dealt with in regards to race, sexuality and representation (and not cos of the light of the…

  • Alaska Is a Drag

    Alaska Is a Drag


    A sequinned take on the “Get out of the ghetto” narrative, the lead brother and sister characters have a realistic sibling relationship, that give an emotional grounding to a story that is all too predictable, but not unwatchable.

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Beautifully shot, good performances, not as much screen chemistry as most say, raises topics that are (intellectually interesting... but) ultimately a pointless vessel for these characters to argue at each other. On the whole, this vehicle takes you nowhere, even though the view out the window is nice.

  • Black Panthers

    Black Panthers


    Fantastic documentary about the Black Panther Party, The footage of Key members is without equal. The use of actuality footage is expertly interwoven with perfectly timed off the cuff interviews and speeches.
    If you've ever wanted to feel like one of the crowd at a Black Panther Party gathering, this is the closest your gonna get, ya dig!