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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    A twisty, enthralling mystery. Hard to discuss too much without spoiling,but the film keeps you guessing right up to a dozy of a 3rd act(in a good way tho). In a way the film is almost like a satire of marriage, showing how far resentment can take a person in a relationship. The film also tackles the effects of a broken economy on people and the media,but it never gets preachy.

    Overall worth checking out if you want something a bit twisted

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    A fun filled adventure,compared to most superhero films this one has a rather wacky tone. But thankfully it manages to work, and gives it a amusing touch. It also manages to have heart,with interesting characters that end up revealing more than meets the eye at first. The film also has some great action sequences,as any good superhero film should.

    Also i watched this when it was in theaters,but i just haven't been in movie reviewing mode for a bit.

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  • Diary of a Nymphomaniac

    Diary of a Nymphomaniac


    When i first saw it “Diary of a Nymphomaniac” on netflix streaming, i figured it would be fun, sexy film. And in the beginning it seemed like that was all it was going to be. But somewhere near the end of the 1st act, it started to become a interesting character study that also touched upon a few deeper issues/themes. By the end i fell in love with the movie. I was going to write a short review of this,…

  • The Monuments Men

    The Monuments Men


    A well crafted film that i enjoyed watching. However,i think it ends up being largely forgettable. It just never became anything special for me. The cast is obviously having fun with it, and its fun to see people like Blanchett and Goodman in something like this. Hugh Bonneville deserves a special mention for giving performance notably subtler than the rest but still effective. The directing is serviceable,and the film does a good job of re-creating its time period.

    So overall i think this is a good but not great movie