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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    Nothing in this film feels overdramatized, pace and editing flows as smooth as it possibly can, not to mention the perfect sound editing/design, which makes you feel and hear everything from Ruben's perspective.
    You're totally immersed in Ruben's world from the first to the last minute.

    A Quiet Place.

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    In some terms i feel like we are still stuck in 1960's, if you look around what's happening today on the streets of Belarus, USA, etc.

    It's 2020 and everything is just wrapped up in a prettier box and given to us as ''freedom'' and ''democracy'', but the actual contents of that box is still pure bullshit, rotten judicial system, rotten politicians and leaders, racism, homophobia, discrimination, police brutality and so on.

    This film hits all the right spots, it…

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  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    You're telling me they had time and money (200 million!!!) to make this poop? But not a Quicksilver movie ?!!
    The producers should be destroyed by Jean herself for creating this pile of manure.

  • Donnie Brasco

    Donnie Brasco


    The 3rd act is the best part, usually it's the other way around.
    Was afraid it wouldn't hold up, i was wrong, the great character development between Donnie and Lefty is what makes this film so good.

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  • Tenet



    Denzel Washington has sure made a heck of a good copy of himself.

    Pattinson's and Washington's chemistry: ★★★★★

    The opening sequence : ★★★★★

    Ludwig Göransson score : ★★★★½

    Screenplay : ★★★★½

    The climax felt a bit messy, also its not an easy film to analyze after just one view.

  • Deadpool



    Fuck yeah,that was finger licking awesome! I honestly can't remember the last time i left my seat with such stupid grin on my face - full blown comedy gold! There were some scenes where i was laughing like a retarded baby seal in a blender. And yes,i'm still in a kinky aftermath mood of filthy jokes,dirty words,ya'know,all that R-Rated stuff,and at this point i'm just spitting out all what comes to my mind :D This instantly becomes one of my…