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  • The Lovebirds

    The Lovebirds


    87 minutes of pure wasteful filler. The screenplay is an absolute travesty relying on dated pop culture references and rundown cliches to garner a weak laugh. Most scenes play out with Issa and Kumail yelling at each other while wasting everyone’s time with dead end tangents. How this film was able to travel from the 2000s all to way the current day is perplexing. Callbacks  to the Amazing Race, Katy’s Perry “Firework”, E.T, Eyes Wide Shut come off as very…

  • The Last Dance

    The Last Dance


    So happy to see this as something that is open to review and log on here. One of the best sports documentaries ever made; an absolute inside look into one of the greatest basketball teams of all time and their leader and GOAT, Michael Jordan. Candid interviews, brutally honest and heart wrenching in some moments, and a plethora of 80’s and 90s NBA highlights that will keep any die hard film wanting to come back for more and more. ESPN…

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  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    The influential cinematic treasure of the 2010s. A crystal ball into the future of human connection over the Internet and the social media age that has changed the course of humanity for better and worse. An antihero character study that shows the cost of success at the sacrifice of person human connection and empathy. Fincher and Sorkin’s collaboration has aged like fine wine continuing to impress with the perfect synergy between a once in a lifetime screenplay and god tier…

  • Den of Thieves

    Den of Thieves


    It’s like the whole world finding out that the film Heat had a little brother that had a problem with handling its toxic masculinity issues. Stating that point, this was a fun ass cops and robbers action thriller that delivers terrific sound mixing and the most passionate Gerald Butler performance since 300. Very easy to see the way it emulates its big brother with the staging of shootouts and the use of stediacam/handheld camerawork. Nothing wrong with that because this film…

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  • Joker



    Joker is a shake up to the comic book genre that will reverberate and makes its impact felt for the foreseeable future. Holds up a grim and disturbing microscope to the current divided state of unrest that is infecting our present day. Todd Phillps is not asking you to be sympathetic for the Clown Prince of Crime; he shows us the ramifications of a broken society on the invisible and less fortunate who need than just medications to feel something…

  • Queen & Slim

    Queen & Slim


    Tragic, beautiful, compelling, and exhilarating. Queen and Slim is one of the finest films of 2019, and a masterclass of a cinematic narrative told entirely from the African American perspective. 

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