Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★

Once the all familiar suit worn by Borat was taken out of the box, all of my nostalgia from the high school years came rushing back into the head like a flood. The shock value and unpredictable free will that this "reporter" wielded back in 2006 stand a rewatchable comedy on the frail state of American culture. The fantasy of American powerhouse pride gets deflated each time Sacha Baron Cohen holds a mirror to the misguided ignorance prevalent among the ranks. The hysterical yet horrifying social commentary bites but fails at recapturing the freshness feel when it first came on the scene. A character as widely known as Borat was going to face the challenge of remaining incognito in the social media era. Being a worldwide pop culture relic is hard to hide anywhere so the variety and amount of Cohen's pranks feel limited to a few old and true concepts. Maria Bakalova impressed me with a fun supporting performance that sometimes takes the steam away from the man of the hour himself.

The flame may glow a little bit lighter than the first time around but Borat in 2020 is a nice little elixir for a year of unspeakable turmoil and constant stress.

Black Nerd Sidebar: How Cohen is able to control his laughter when he is clearly exposing fools for the caricatures of embarrassment they are is a remarkable skill I wish I had. Hard to find many people who could keep a straight face dabbling in this satirical comedy.

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