Enola Holmes ★★★

The beautiful quality of this young adult film is that the mystery/adventure journey and the fact that the title character is a descendant of one of the greatest sleuths in literary history takes a back seat to the self-discovery of a blossoming young woman. Enola is on the hunt to solve the disappearance of her mother but also to figure out who she wants to be in a time where women were put into boxes that fit to limit their independence. The latter half of the film is essentially a battle between the outdated models of societal ideals on women and the progressive markers that women have fought for and will continue to fight for in the near future. Millie Bobby Brown displays impeccable charm and range that will prove any doubters who choose to see her as only "that character" from Stranger Things. If this is the first of a few upcoming tales in this gleaming world of a new generation Nancy Drew type character, then this is a great start.

2020 Ranked 

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