Inglourious Basterds ★★★★★

The quintessential Tarantino film that has not only placed him among the greatest directors of the last 25 years but also solidified him as one of the best screenwriters to grace the bright lights and glam of Hollywood. A tale set in Nazi Occupied France that follows a young women, Secret Service sponsored guerrilla military unit , and a German actress/double agent looking to extract bloody poetic justice on history's biggest super-villain, The Nazi's. We travel through this odyssey with the historical fascination and Western influenced filters that Tarantino has set by way of his best written screenplay since Pulp Fiction; each chapter shines its own moment of greatness and continues to set the mark higher for each iteration to claim and dominate. Hans Landa is the single best character Tarantino has breathed life into; representing a charismatic and highly intelligent detective who revels in the nickname "The Jew Hunter". Christoph Waltz's introduction to audiences everywhere as a world class actor with the control and technical fortitude to deliver a phenomenal presence. The cinematography, score, editing, and trademark Tarantino direction is on the levels of the high heavens. "Revenge Of The Giant Face" represents the highest moment of Tarantino's career as a filmmaker; a tour de force of laughs, tension, bloodthirsty revenge, and iconic images. The best homage to using the power of cinema as the death note to the Thousand Year Reich of Nazi Germany. A revenge fantasy for anyone who has been persecuted and had their lives traumatized by a regime who used propaganda and harmful stereotypes to destroy the credence of humanity. QT.'s Finest Hour.

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