Logan ★★★★★

Wolverine is not the same man as he once was; a shot fighter still able to pull of dazzling moments of brutality but not as consistent as he once was. Professor X doesn't know what world he lives in at certain moments; the danger of seizure attacks that can potentially harm a large amount of the population. A deserted landscape where mutants are no more and the good ol days of team-ups and a school of mutants have faded in the recesses of history. A superhero film that doubles as a Western and a journey of one man hoping to find a way to end the torment and pain he has felt ever since he was made in a lab. James Magnold uses the dusty and stark landscape to its full potential with majestic direction, incredible cinematography, and human drama that goes far behind capes and superhuman abilities. Hugh Jackman puts on his best performance as the brooding mutant; fully capturing the tiredness and destruction on his body and psyche. Struggling to put his shirt on, can't heal from bullets or beatings, suicidal thoughts, guilt from being one of the last true mutants surviving in a world that never loved them. Jackman and Stewart are the last of the true guard and this was a beautiful sendoff for each character. Blessed be the R rating, finally wee see the full brutality that Wolverine and the firecracker X-23 are capable of when they put those metal claws to work. Stunning action cinematography and a strong emphasis on graphic violence makes for an engaging and primal experience we have never seen in the X-Men franchise. Logan is the premium level of what a superhero film can be capable of when it seeks to tell a fully fledged dramatic story and action that will have you screaming in celebration and grimacing in its unadulterated viciousness. Cream of the crop in comic book films.

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