Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

A stunning thriller that righteously holds up a big middle finger to predatory men and the disturbing rape culture that continues to be a dark cloud for women to navigate even in progressive times. Easily could have been a generic Lifetime film in the wrong hands of a director not willing to crack a few eggs when it comes to dealing with sexual assault; newcomer director Emerald Fennell is not that kind of filmmaker. A debut for the ages, Fennell crafts a powerful female heroine and an experience that deals with not just the people who have taken advantage of women but also the individuals who allow it to happen or offer justification for women being victimized. The substance is not just strong also the style is at a palpable level using a shiny color palette in the cinematography. Carey Mulligan is a blast to watch; one of the more enjoyable performances of the year without a shred of doubt. Effective and smartly done pivots in the story that have rewarding moments but also disturbing revelations. All in all, this a film event that needs to be watched pronto. A roller coaster ride that I want to enjoy again and again.

Black Nerd Sidebar: Promising Young Woman had a personal effect on me. I grew up knowing a lot of girls who were in the situation of being sexually abused and others who had to keep it a secret on the fact that no one would believe them at their word. For a time in America when the MeToo Movement has exposed the men in our society who have been getting away with this behavior without an impurity get exposed, its a wonderful feeling seeing a female heroine like Cassandra taking to it to the people who are responsible for these acts. A lot of crowd-pleasing moments to spare and I hope that this film can be the new beacon for women to be empowered by.

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