Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

Compiling a list for all of the wonderful choices Sunset Boulevard makes would read as long as an ancient Egyptian scroll. The acting tour de force of Gloria Swanson stands as a mammoth achievement; William Holden is not far behind with a charismatic performance that is very entertaining to watch. The themes are strongly rich in development and speak to the current state of motion pictures, the culture of screenwriting, mental illness, desperate need of fame and attention, and the dangers of living in the past. The music has a luxury smooth rhythm which gives the wealthy zip code district in Los Angeles feel akin to a neo-noir environment. The genres switch effortlessly between comedy, drama, romance, thriller, mystery, and horror. All of the praise showered for this fantastic model of filmmaking is made possible by the world-class screenplay. The interesting flow of dialogue makes this destined for many second watches to catch all the outstanding one-liners and mini monologues. Thanks to the moon and stars I made the choice to get introduced to Billy Wilder.

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