Tenet ★★★★

Challenges are an opportunity to rise up into instead of backing away in the metaphorical corner. Nolan has dabble into thematically complex themes before in his films but this is a different galaxy that will be stingy about requiring the full cooperation of the viewer. Action films usually operate on a simpler albeit extravagant version of the hero journey full of explosions, shootouts, a romantic interest, jovial wisecracks, and simple enough for anyone to be open to being a viewer. This is vastly different from anything I have seen with an action blockbuster and it’s admirable to see something courageous and exhilarating as Tenet from a spectacular display of procedural espionage and a inversion of the action genre literally and figuratively. The puzzle pieces are there waiting for the instinctive minds to connect the pieces; fair warning, this is an experience that will require multiple rewatched. A product of what an MIT student would do with the chance to write and direct a high octane genre bender served for the benefit of constant discussion and dissection. 

Ludwig Goransson’s score is a mammoth force that boasts a thumping heartbeat which can be detriment to the dialogue (THANK GOD FOR SUBTITLES) but no denying its ability to set the atmosphere in a shining manner. Action sequences are top notch displaying the coordinated movements of large crowds, blistering fight choreography, balanced camerawork, and inversion effects that are nothing less than stunning. 

I don’t have all the answers but I can’t wait to uncover the mystery and significance of this bending narrative for the eventual 3 or 4 rewatched needed. A spark of curiosity I haven’t felt for one film this year that feels like a reward in waning to go deeper in the rabbit hole and learn more. Mr. Nolan, thank you for not letting me down.

2020 RANKED 

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