The Jesus Music

The Jesus Music ★★★

Only a foolish man/woman would underestimate the power of a song or a voice to lift people spirits and renew their faith in a one true powerful force no matter the religious orientation. An insightful if ultimately by the numbers musical documentary that traces the evolution of Christian contemporary music. The pioneers, biggest superstars, and other artists that have build the genre into a billion dollar industry and sold out stadium concerts around the world that are have been enjoyed by millions and many more in the certain future. I understand that some  out there will not share the beliefs and thoughts that the lineup of subjects offer through interviews accompanied with archival footage but one thing that can’t be denied by anyone is the championing of music as a force of unity, tolerance, and mystifying displays of celebration and emotional release. Viewers of the Christian faith will consider this a important work while someone outside of the box looking in (depending on non religious beliefs) can appreciate the works dedicating to outline the history and present of a successful genre of music.

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