Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

The manly personality who enjoys a Clint Eastwood story like Dirty Harry and the scene of Schwarzenegger and Carl Withers doing a handshake with their biceps pulsating like a heart monitor in Predator will be delighted in this new action romp from Ritchie. The hyper masculine energy will have its critics but it fits the tone of this heist/revenge tale featuring Jason Statham in his comfortable zone of intense and stoic protagonists. The first two thirds of experience is impressive with its non linear approach to storytelling and the multiple points of view that allow of supporting characters to shine. The violence is brutal especially in a scene where a Johnny Cash needle drop scores the use of suffocation as a torture method. Gunfights are John Wick type with precision shooting and the small moments where Statham is allowed to go hand to hand with a nemesis strike with a force. The last third of the film is unable to finish out with a bang and quickly detours into pastures of “been there, done that” action film conventions. No surprises in the resolution of the story capping off with an anti climatic whimper. Blows a 28-3 lead in a figurative sense but has enough goodwill to recommend anyone to see this in the theater if you love a nice slice of toxic masculinity and gritty action.

2021 RANKED 

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