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  • Fingered



    This is the kind of film that makes you wanna get the poster, hang it where every guest who enters your house can see it, and wait with bated breath for someone to ask about it.

  • Ludo



    Scavenger Hunt #31 - October 2017
    Task #11: A film set in China or India.

    Ludo is Jumanji if Robin Williams was an immortal ghosty vampire who spent his time eating the intestines of horny teenagers in a mall after closing time. Also if Jumanji featured the deadliest cases of blue balls in history.

    I KINDA LIKED IT. Sort of. That is by no means an endorsement of this being a "good movie" however. The first 13 minutes feel…

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  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary


    Scavenger Hunt #31 - October 2017
    Task #8: A film about resurrection; or one where something/someone comes back to life.

    "Sometimes, dead is better."

    Have you ever seen South Park? Specifically, one of the episodes with a creepy old guy in coveralls and a straw hat saying something along the lines of "yep lots of history down that road, you don't wanna go down that road"? That character was lifted 100% from this movie, down to the strange-to-place accent…

  • Call Girl of Cthulhu

    Call Girl of Cthulhu


    Scavenger Hunt #31 - October 2017
    Task #27: A film that has an awful tagline or a pun in the title.

    "Sometimes, I wish the world would just hurry up and end already."

    Okay so I've seen a couple of horror movies revolving around hookers lately, and I kinda like it. I'm not saying I have a problem or anything, but I'm struggling to figure out why these kinds of movies are so appealing to me. I shouldn't like…