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  • mother!



    Your first instinct on leaving a showing of mother! could well be exasperation, confusion, even being left with a distinct whiff of pretension which many have accused Darren Aronofsky of peddling in what could well be his most personal movie to date, and almost certainly his most divisive. For every two people who decry mother! as a work of genius, two more will almost certainly describe it less a work of art, more a cinematic fart. Who’s right? Well, in…

  • Victoria & Abdul

    Victoria & Abdul


    If ever we needed more proof that Dame Judi Dench is amongst our most prized national treasures, Victoria & Abdul truly is it. For the second time, Dench portrays perhaps history’s most symbolic English Queen, after her performance as a middle-aged Victoria in 1997’s Mrs Brown. That film charted her relationship with John Brown, her most trusted Scottish servant (and many historians suggest, secretly her lover), following the sudden death of her beloved Prince Albert, young, in 1861. If that picture…

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    For many years, Wes Anderson has been celebrated as an offbeat American auteur, with a narrative and visual style all his own - a colourful, melancholic whimsy riven with a biting, black comedic undercurrent. At times it's worked well, others it misses the mark, but with The Grand Budapest Hotel he has created something truly wonderful. Inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig, Anderson's film is light, fun, thoughtful, cheeky, rude, farcical and emotional all in one rip roaring stew,…

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers


    Up until now, I never truly understood all the fuss about Joss Whedon. I never related to Buffy, never got into Firefly or Dollhouse, and while I enjoyed Serenity I didn't worship it like some. But at long last, Whedon has delivered a piece of work that blew me away, one I truly believe will swiftly enter the pantheon of classic action-adventure movies. The Avengers is not only far and away the best of Marvel's (mostly impressive) movie staple, it's…