The ABCs of Death ★½

A is for Arse
B is for Bollocks
C is for Crap
D is for Dodgy
E is for Execrable
F is for Fuck's sake
G is for God-awful
H is for Hell's teeth!
I is for I want my 2 hours back
J is for Joke
K is for Kiss my arse
L is for Life's too short
M is for Money back, please
N is for No
O is for Oh not another one
P is for Piss
Q is for Quite enough, thanks
R is for Really?
U is for U r kidding me, right?
S is for Shit
T is for Time to stop.
V is for Very bad
W is for Wank
X is for Xavier Gens, go away
Y is for Y am I watching?
Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzz

With one or two notable exceptions, efforts D & U coming readily to mind, easily the most pretentious, ponderous load of rubbish my eyes have glanced upon for some time, certainly in the horror genre. Some good directors with flashes of interesting ideas, and at least some attempts at being inventive, lost under a mire of terrible concepts, bad comedy and some really really misjudged bad taste (L we are all looking at you). Get out your alphabeti spaghetti & play with that for a while, guaranteed you'll have more fun.

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