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  • The Ice Storm

    The Ice Storm


    With both society and climate changing we must adapt to more dangerous risks. Leaving the house in the middle of a ice storm is a good thing not to do. But an hyperbolic toxic circle as portrayed here tells us something bad is probably going to happen to people involved - from hurt feelings to death consequences won't be happy. So to reduce risks western society urgently needs changes in deontological systems (not necessarily teleological ones) if we want stability.

  • All or Nothing

    All or Nothing


    Mr. Leigh's intention to do something as depressing as it can be in All or Nothing didn't quite work. We all know by now how dreadful poverty is and all the maladies that comes with it, and All or Nothing is a light on nicomachean ethics and how, especially the lower classes, destroy themselves over their excesses or deficiencies.

    Deep sadness was caused by any unmet expectation by every character. This literal need for "all or nothing" exposed some sort…

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  • Ditto



    It tells the story of a girl from 1979 and a guy from the year 2000 who can communicate through a HAM radio. The mediocre acting and the poor directing made the movie a little boring and made me cringe sometimes, but the plot twists turned it interesting enough for it to be a representant of the Korean cinema. Like every film that deals with temporal communication, it demanded wits (see Back to the Future triology) and also had some…

  • High Hopes

    High Hopes


    What happens when we're older and we realise things didn't go our way - they're exactly how they ever were? Do we change for better or for worse? Do we get bitter or hopeful?

    This is probably the first long feature masterpiece by Mike Leigh, and another question that pops up is why don't we have more auteurs with the same sharp and rich criticism.