Constantine ★★★★

This is not just as good as I remembered but even better! Demons, heaven, hell and the interplay of a world we see and a world beyond it.

I think it's fair to say that this went way over my head as a child but given my previous rating I still seemed to like it back then. The finale was definitely too complex for me from what I recalled but revisiting it was wonderful. It's beautifully out there and Peter Stormare is really a scene stealer as the white-clad devil drenched in feet dripping with black tar.

The world building and production design in this are phenomenal and the visual flair is readily apparent throughout and really creative. It's grounded in a tangible reality rather than stemming solely from a computer and that pays off in dividends, making it every bit as believable 15 years later. 

Plus, there's a really cool fire sprinkling system scene in which Constantine disposes of a lot of demons and it has a visual similarity to the bloodbath scene in Blade which I really liked.

I wouldn't mind if the newfound love for Keanu results in a late-in-the-game sequel. 

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