Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★½

Yes, it's probably true that you shouldn't own a dog if you can't afford dog food but the world shouldn't be black and white like that. You can think you're doing the right thing reporting somebody stealing but you can still be a jerk because you don't know that somebody.

Wendy & Lucy is a film about getting to know that somebody and walk in her shoes for a bit. It's a film about empathizing with someone who is drawn to caring for an animal even though she is hardly able to keep her own head above water. Her good nature is stronger than her sense of self-preservation and that's something to be celebrated every once in a while as opposed to judging her for it.

Wendy struggles against every curveball life throws her and all she wants is to be self-reliant while also sharing her kindness and love with her dog named Lucy. Kindness in others is hard to come by for her and, even though Wendy is lucky to meet a helping security guard and a disgruntled but also an honest and helpful garage owner, they can only help so much. The bulk of the burden rests on Wendy's shoulders and my heart aches watching her carry it and face the world on her own without playing by the rules of society, amassing credit and what not.

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