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  • Driftwood



    STARS IN MY CROWN's crazy uncle. (Although that impression is rather a symptom of narrative conventions having become so streamlined and atrophied that anything surprising automatically registers as nuts.)

    PS: Show this movie to every anti-vaxxer you know.

  • Season of the Devil

    Season of the Devil


    History's eternal conflict: The bad guys have the catchier tunes, the good guys the nicer harmonies (and Bituin Escalante).

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  • Tough Guys Don't Dance

    Tough Guys Don't Dance


    Two things:

    1. My grandfather had a huge pulp novel library (mostly spy, war & police stuff), and the one title that always stood out to me as a kid was Tough Guys Don't Dance (a perfect trochee in German: Harte Männer tanzen nicht). It sounded simultaneously ridiculous and cool, like a whole macho philosophy of life condensed into a punchline to a dumb joke. After reading The Naked and the Dead in high school and being duly impressed by it,…

  • Fear of Fear

    Fear of Fear


    Irm Hermann: So, Rainer, what's my role this time?
    RWF: Take a wild guess.
    IH: Umh... the horrible cow everyone just wants to slap in the face non-stop?
    RWF: Why'd you even ask.