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  • Top Stripper

    Top Stripper


    I've rarely seen a more nuanced examination of the precarious boundaries between performers and their audience than this 67-minute suburban sex club pinku someone randomly uploaded on YouTube. The veil behind which a stripper fucks one lucky perv a night is too thin to keep illusion from slipping into delusion, even carrying over into the world of drab thoroughfares and puke green shag carpets that awaits outside. Morita takes casual sex seriously and maintains full tonal control as he veers from tit-creaming comedy to backstage improv to tender psychological realism and back again. For all intents and purposes, it's his GO-GO TALES.

  • Indecent Desires

    Indecent Desires


    Doris Wishman's THE ENTITY. Would totally merit the Tscherkassky treatment, too.

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  • Rushing Green with Horses

    Rushing Green with Horses


    As I Was Looking Back Occasionally I Recovered Brief Glimpses of Beauty.

  • Tough Guys Don't Dance

    Tough Guys Don't Dance


    Two things:

    1. My grandfather had a huge pulp novel library (mostly spy, war & police stuff), and the one title that always stood out to me as a kid was Tough Guys Don't Dance (a perfect trochee in German: Harte Männer tanzen nicht). It sounded simultaneously ridiculous and cool, like a whole macho philosophy of life condensed into a punchline to a dumb joke. After reading The Naked and the Dead in high school and being duly impressed by it,…