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  • The Devil's Backbone

    The Devil's Backbone


    Guillermo Del Toro creates a beautiful gothic film about ghosts and revenge.

    There is a dud bomb in the middle of the courtyard of the building where this story. This element of magic adds so much to the story by creating layers of meaning.

    “The Devil’s Backbone” is well acted by the kids, it has a deplorable villain, and it includes some very spooky scenes, although I could have used more scares.

  • The Big Sick

    The Big Sick


    This one got me. The interplay between family, career, and relationship is always a struggle, but “The Big Sick” added culture and health issues to the equation to make it even more difficult for Kumail to navigate.

    Granted, this was a true story, which makes everything even more heightened. The movie felt so completely honest and real, and that’s what makes it such a success.

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  • Bone Tomahawk

    Bone Tomahawk


    I keep hearing “Bone Tomahawk” described with aspects of horror, but I didn’t get any of that. Sure there is insane violence and gore, but there is no evil. You learn to hate the savages, but only because they are so violent. Is cannibalism enough to classify a movie as a horror?

    The pacing is slow, but works. It takes forever until you realize what the plot of the movie is, a four-man rescue mission.

    The performances in this movie…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    Pixar continues to make beautiful and charming films complete with very real stakes and, in this film, literal emotions.

    A young girl, Riley, goes through a very difficult move, and we see the inside working of how that changes her personality. The choice of the five emotions is very interesting because only one of them, Joy, is positive. Or so we think. We learn how critical each of these lenses for seeing the world is, as the main character gains…