Blade Runner ★★★★

Poetic, visually stunning, and a complete bore.

“Blade Runner: The Final Cut” is a cleaner and crisper experience, but still suffers from having its emotional depth undercut in favor of a visual masterpiece.

Luckily the acting in this film is a special effect onto it’s own. Harrison Ford oozes charm with every smirk and glance. What a leading man to have in a movie with such little dialogue. Rutger Hauer is an absolute marvel and commands the gamut of human emotion in the form of a robot. His physicality is beautiful to behold in the final act, and his facial expressions say more than any script could ever communicate.

The vision of the future feels real, and is propped up by visuals that are still amazing to this day. The physical models of the buildings put any modern CGI to complete shame.

Always worth the watch, just not too often.