Kingsman: The Golden Circle ★★½

“The Golden Circle” is the Kingsman turned up to 11, but not all in a good way. It doubles down on the same jokes, scenes, and ridiculousness of its predecessor, and makes you feel like they’ve run out of originality.

Eggsy chose the Swedish princess over Roxy as a punchline to a joke in the first movie, yet they decided to go with it. He is in a committed relationship with a princess who he just wanted to have anal sex with, and it doesn’t work.

This movie does some very strange plot gymnastics. It wipes out surviving characters with little remorse, and brings back an old character like it’s nothing. I guess I’d do the same to if I had access to Colin Firth. He does a great job as always.

The best parts of the movie is the expansion of the spy Universe. We don’t get much more Kingsman expansion, but instead learn of The Statesman, which is great. Yet who could be the best character is literally put on ice for most of the film.

The action scenes are something special. Matthew Vaughn crafts slow-mo and speed ramping action with such precision. This isn’t just people hitting each other, but is fighting ballet as the camera moves wildly capturing the action. It works for this movie.

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is fun, but doesn’t bring enough heart to the series.