Minority Report ★★★★½

“Minority Report” is a frenzied sci-fi thriller that jumps from genre to genre. Steven Spielberg’s collaboration with cinematographer Janusz Kamiński continues to great success. Kamiński uses over exposure creating a shimmering on this strange sci-fi world.

The opening scene is an incredible work of both setting up the Universe, and showing the high intensity thrills that this movie delivers.

It uses a flawed lead character who, like the viewer, is being manipulated throughout.

John Williams is really going for something iconic here, and the car plant scene has twinges of Indiana Jones theatrics in the music.

Spielberg employs digital effects subtly, while still using physical effects to do the heavy lifting. The jetpack scene is an example of one that could have been CGI’d to hell, but Spielberg is too smart for that, and keeps it practical to add to the intensity.