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  • The Duel

    The Duel

    Woody Harrelson's character is the Judge taken straight out of Blood Meridian: big, bald, cryptic, charismatic, and ruthless. I love that the movie allows us a few larger than life stories about the Preacher that it never explains away. Like Blood Meridian, this movie is about an outward-directed violence so brutal and pervasive that it metastasizes on the culture that practices it, channeled and traditionalized in strange alien ways.

  • The Ballad of Lefty Brown

    The Ballad of Lefty Brown

    There's a revisionist attitude at work in this movie, but it's a gentle one. There's enough discussion about western dime novels to put the movie squarely in Unforgiven's shadow. Lefty is presented timid, bumbling, an unlikely western hero, but we learn to see him as a true outlaw. This isn't so much a deconstruction of the cowboy archetype as an expansion of it. The misunderstanding of Lefty is made possible by the strict celebration of country, where Lefty's exploits take…

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  • Godzilla


    This is a movie, if it is about anything, about the utter impotence and insignificance of humanity in the face of something like a "force of nature," which the eponymous dinosaur is repeatedly and heavy-handedly set up to be. In all the film posters and most of the shots in the movie's last act, you've got to squint to see a human. This makes its misquote of the Space Odyssey soundtrack, in a scene where tiny people parachute into a…

  • Monrovia, Indiana

    Monrovia, Indiana

    We were cheering and jeering during a city council meeting about approving an easement for a housing development to build a second entrance: the pro– and anti-development factions spar over this issue, first subtly, then openly and vigorously. The pro-development faction carries the day (but only the day) when one woman points out that many of the residents of the development are Monrovia expats who left for school or work and have now returned to their hometown. Since the council…