Bone Tomahawk ★★★★

The fact that this exists is pretty damn awesome. What could have been a stale exercise in Western cliches, becomes something altogether more potent and alive thanks to the effortless genre mashing on display. The infusion of horror and absurdist humor is cleverly brought to the fore at the most unexpected junctures thanks to S. Craig Zahler's considerable talent as a writer. He gives the proceedings an eccentric tonal balance that is insanely refreshing. His direction is even expertly calibrated to match. After a dense, surprisingly lucid set-up in which quite a few moving parts come together, we are off to track down some cave dwelling cannibals to save a few hostages. It is when we arrive at our destination that the film ups the ante considerably on the gore quotient. Visceral carnage of this magnitude can't help but provoke a passionate fervor in the audience. So well executed, and so hilarious in a gallows sense. I'm positive that the well orchestrated violence would be enough to satisfy the most undiscerning viewers at the very least, but we also get superior character work from a talented cast to keep us fully invested in the chaos. Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, and especially Richard Jenkins, all deliver epic performances of clashing personalities. The camaraderie that builds between them is infectious and adds heft to the many memorable scenes we get to witness. As soon as it ended, I wanted to saddle up and get lost in this world again. Many others have stated that this could be a new cult classic eventually, and I can definitely see that happening. In the meantime though, just know, that this oddball piece of cinema gets my special rating of "PURE FUCKING OWNAGE."

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