Honeymoon ★★★½

Worst honeymoon ever. A very promising debut from Leigh Janiak. I feel there is a disconnect between both halves of the picture that don't quite coalesce into something greater, but both halves are so expertly constructed that I'm willing to forgive it since it can be seen to serve a thematic purpose. You can practically see this as an almost Body Snatchers like take on the transformative power of the romantic relationship and the fears that go along with it in the beginning. It takes it even further by providing disconcerting insights into how that carries into marriage and can contort the identities of both sides. The person you thought you knew so well might turn out to be something you never expected. The central performances by Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway are stunning to behold, such great chemistry between them. I also found the editing to be quite effective. An ambiguous, yet clear-eyed gem of a horror film that is well worth seeking out.

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