Mississippi Grind

Mississippi Grind ★★★★

Is there anything Ben Mendelsohn can't do? He embodies each of his characters so thoroughly, that every creative decision he makes feels like the right one in every moment he is on screen. Truly one of the finest screen actors working today. Even someone like Ryan Reynolds knows he has to up his game when around him, because this is some of the best acting Reynolds has done. His charisma and effortless rapport with Mendelsohn make this a dual character study of sorts between two lovable losers that keeps on unearthing surprising new qualities the further we reach our anti-destination, for the journey is clearly the end game here. The flavorful locales we visit along the way builds an atmosphere and gritty realism thanks to the grounded direction by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden. Calling this an addiction drama is way too reductive, this is cinema about what it means to be human. Which is exactly what the essence of cinema should be. So yeah, this was a treat.

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