The Overnight

The Overnight ★★★★

The Overnight candidly examines sexuality with clarity, compassion, and a keen sense of humor. Under all the insecurities, facades, and confusion, the human body is not to be ridiculed and to be put up against false standards, but to be celebrated as the unifying force of humanity. Experimentation is the key to the understanding of oneself and others. It is refreshing to see such a fresh, potent viewpoint on the subject. Patrick Brice nails the tone and the character interactions like a boss. The cast all rise to the challenge. Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling, and Judith Godrèche are fearless in their devotion. Their chemistry is undeniably erotically charged and furiously compelling. The build up to the climatic finish is the kind of awkward character work that is endearing instead of off-putting. And that finale capitalizes on the foreplay masterfully. It's safe to say that I dug the hell out of this. Oh, did I mention cocks? Because...COCKS!!!

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