Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★

Since Jim Carrey is apparently anti-vaxx... I also can't sanction his buffoonery.

As this movie is showing on the big screen Mother's Day and I will be with my mom that day (I know, “awwww”) I instead streamed the film this afternoon; at least I saw it theatrically back in '95. I seem to recall it being fine but then again I don't even know if I ever watched it on video after the fact so this might as well be a first time watch, to be perfectly frank. In 2019, holy cow is this ever garish and over the top; what was I thinking as a 14 year old?

I imagine everyone knows the plot and how the villains are The Riddler and Two-Face (not played by Billy Dee Williams and that sucks for him but this is Hollywood so they did not care about continuity and Jones was a hot name at the time). Jim Carrey going way overboard for a role is a natural fit but Tommy Lee Jones doing the same thing just does not seem right for a man of his acting style and talents, you know. Honestly, I am surprised Edward Nygma did not bend over and suddenly start talking with his butt!

Admittedly the movie is a lot more colorful than the first two and at times was interesting to look at... but neither that nor the nice score could make up for all the illogic, how The Riddler's magical device looked like a blender, or rubber nipples or butt shots or stupid moments. The homoeroticism between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson was amusing as an adult as I definitely did not pick up on that at the time. I also laugh at how Carrey and Jones got along as well as you'd expect when they were working together, which was “not at all.” Also, why do these films ALWAYS have to involve clowns in some way? The henchmen wearing wrestling masks was at least different, I suppose.

I do get why some are fans of this; as someone who isn't into comics nor ghastly unsubtle things where everything is over the top like a music video (complete w/ Dutch angles for some reason), I'll pass on this. Eh, at least there's the songs from U2 and Seal that are more worth remembering, I say.

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