Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

Surprisingly gory for a Michael Myers movie. That was one of the things I thought when this was seen theatrically yesterday. There was no film watched Thursday night as Friday was a busy one for me... and what a rotten day it was. Nothing life-altering but there were so many little bad things that it was the worst one I've had in at least a year. Even if yesterday was filled with lollipops & rainbows, my opinion of Halloween Kills would be the same. Halloween (2018) I thought was fine at the time, even with PEANUT BUTTER PENIS and a really stupid plot twist I thought was a misstep at the time. If you thought the “humor” would be better here-or that there'd be less of it, you will be barking up the wrong tree. Wait until you see some of the new characters... anyhow,

Like Halloween II (the one from '81) it begins right after the previous installment ends and part of the action takes place in the Haddonfield hospital. Several of the characters from Halloween '78 are brought back, including Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy. As there are fears Myers will go to the hospital, mob rule happens as the town's citizens want to become vigilantes (“a town full of beer bellies w/ shotguns, so to speak) as unlike what I recall of Halloween '18, the town is still scared s***less of Myers & is incredibly haunted by his actions.

As I left the auditorium yesterday, I thought this was meh overall. A lot was wrong with it but at least the score is cool, there is some nice nostalgia and I can't fault the performances of the three women who portrayed the Strode women. Then later I thought about how Myers seemed more like another classic slasher villain, how the general idea wasn't too bad yet it wasn't executed all that well, and how knowing the immediate future of this franchise sort of ruins the stakes that are present in Kills. Plus, some mutuals helped me realize this was even dopier than I first realized after reading their reviews. Also, as someone noted, the movie's themes are made in EPIC PROCLAMATIONS so often, it might as well have been written by Christopher Nolan...

Even more than most horror franchises, it's a complete mess of a timeline where the majority of the sequels aren't all that good. It isn't the worst one, either-that doesn't mean this was not disappointing as to reiterate, the general idea I can't really carp about. No hate on anyone who loved this; it's just personal preference that made me think this was rather lackluster. At least some of the other entries in the franchise still have their charms.

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