Scream 3

Scream 3 ★★½

Boy, do some of the comments made by characters play differently in this film executively produced by Harvey Weinstein after the events of last fall...

I saw this film theatrically and on video; regrettably it does fall into the curse of the third movie in a series/franchise not being as good as the first two... of course this does not always happen but it seems like a frequent occurrence. Because Hollywood was dumb (as usual) and they were still worried about the repercussions of Columbine, we get this entry in a horror franchise that focuses more on comedy than actual horror. Some of it was actually amusing (there being TWO references to 60 Minutes II only makes me laugh as talk about something that is now woefully out of date) and the potshots this took at Hollywood I appreciated... although some comments about how sleazy it is with who was an executive producer... unfortunately ironic.

The horror moments you get here are hit or miss; the opening is pretty cool but after that things are real inconsistent. Like with Scream 2, they were changing the script as the film was being shot... here it was obvious that was the case. The fact that Neve Campbell is gone for long stretches because she was also involved in other projects during filming did not help, either. Plus, even when I watched this at the cineplex, I thought the voice-changing gimmick was STUPID; a device that makes you sound exactly like someone you know is dumb and not believable in late 2018 with the technology we have now... but in late 2000? What a stupid cheat and an insult to the audience's IQ. I am also not sure about some elements of the plot and the retconning that takes place.

It's not a movie that I hate as I occasionally did laugh and at least the movie is watchable, with some good moments; but it is definitely the lesser of the three movies up to that point. But yikes is this movie's soundtrack (filled with metal acts that were hot s*** at the time) dated, especially with the inclusion of TWO Creed songs.

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