The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★

The storytelling here: unfortunate. To me, finally having checked out The Matrix sequels-but not The Animatrix; more on that later-that fact can finally be confirmed by myself. No wonder at least part of the fanbase felt disappointed by both after the huge (and unexpected) impact that the original had back in '99, a bold story that had a unique style and was presented in a relatively clear fashion and did not have laughable elements such as 100 clones of Agent Smith, a Trainmaster, obvious Jesus Christ allusions or dreadlocked albino twins.

No offense to those that enjoy all three movies; there's just no way for me to feel that way. All the storytelling issues in Reloaded were only compounded in Revolutions and personally, it was not as fun and there was even more sighing/eye-rolling on my part. The fact that it felt anticlimactic and did not address all of the plot threads was disappointing. Honestly, what a mess Revolutions was; it hosted too many bad ideas and nothing about it was even as good as Reloaded, whether it was the action setpieces or whatever else. For me the story trudged along with only a few moments of nice dialogue, or stimulating character interactions. Set design that was at times striking and the impressive appearance of Zion was not enough for me when it seemed like the lead characters throughout the trilogy were sidelined for long stretches.

Before seeing this I did read the Wiki entries on the Enter the Matrix videogame and Animatrix; that did help address some small details not elaborated upon in the movie; furthermore, it was nice to hear the backstory on how The Matrix was created... it was a twist on the standard “machines created by man overthrow the rule of man” tale. Someone also told me they really liked the comic books out at the time. Revolutions, on the other hand-that again was something I do not regret waiting all those years to experience. Perhaps the new one (to allegedly come out the last month of this year, although in this era there's no way to be sure that date won't change) will be better. Hopefully it won't seem woefully out of date and (even worse) totally lame in these modern times. Yet another property from the past being brought back as a cheap nostalgia grab would be pretty rotten for anyone who still dig the OG movie; let's hope they aren't Reloaded or Revolutions.

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