Theodore Rex

Theodore Rex ½

Unfortunately I have now seen this movie twice! The first time it was shortly after it came out on video; I barely remembered anything about it. I finally found a copy and watched it again tonight.

Oh man, what a mistake that was.

This is as awful as you've heard from podcasts, website reviews, and the Nostalgia Critic. A terrible nonsensical story, bizarre premise, bad effects, and protagonists who act more like a**tagonists (especially ol Teddy Rex, who constantly acts rude and like a child and doesn't really change throughout the film) are but a few reasons why this is simply the bottom of the barrel, so bad you can't even have fun laughing at it.

The awful humor (Teddy farts and constantly knocks things over with his tail) doesn't help either. You actually are better off not seeing this even if you love laughing at atrocious films. No wonder why Whoopi wanted real badly to leave this production.

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