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  • Showgirls



    You all seem to now get that Starship Troopers was a satire, yet this one is suppose to be read seriously?

    It plays entirely like a film about grotesque American cinema stictched together with cliche and naked women. He made decisions as a director, good or bad, and that is a lot more than can be said about a great deal of contemporary films that are not even close to interesting.

    I agree that it is an unpleasant watch but to place it in the insipid category of "So bad it's good" shows a lack of critical consumption of media. But that is just my impression.

  • Old School

    Old School


    I handed my family popsicles 1 min before the blowjob lesson scene. I hated that.

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Before the show, the guy behind me said to his date "I bet if I asked who owns actual movies here, only 3 people would raise their hands."

    We were in a packed show at the Cinesphere...

    Did he think he was the only one there who owned movies in physical formats? Does he think he is better than me?

  • The Assent

    The Assent

    I have many things to complain about but it was my own fault for watching another possession movie. I know better.