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  • Irreplaceable You

    Irreplaceable You


    The cutsiness of the first 15 minutes or so is brutal; the rest in bearable, if tonally confused. Gugu Mbatha-Raw's best Netflix movie of the year so far.

  • Hellraiser: Judgment

    Hellraiser: Judgment


    FINALLY we know what happens when you mix a crappy Hellraiser movie with an even crappier Se7en knockoff.

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  • Videodrome



    Part of Criterionucopia 2012

    At one point in David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome” low rent cable TV producer Max Renn asks what Freud would say about a woman in a red dress…

    I wonder what Freud would say about a vaginal cavity in Max’s chest that has videotapes inserted into it for the purpose of mind control; oh, and also can melt people’s arms and makes for handy gun storage. If presented with this, I think maybe Freud’s head would explode like…

  • 2:22



    A coincidence thriller called 2:22?

    2 stars. That's probably generous.