Videodrome ★★★★½

Part of Criterionucopia 2012

At one point in David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome” low rent cable TV producer Max Renn asks what Freud would say about a woman in a red dress…

I wonder what Freud would say about a vaginal cavity in Max’s chest that has videotapes inserted into it for the purpose of mind control; oh, and also can melt people’s arms and makes for handy gun storage. If presented with this, I think maybe Freud’s head would explode like that dude in “Scanners.”

I love this film because it is challenging and deep, but not convoluted to the point where no discernible messages are coming through. “Videodrome” is almost impossible to sum up succinctly, as many people could have different interpretations of the film’s meaning (which could all be correct).

At its core, the film graphically warns of the dangers of becoming a drone to the suggestion of television and media. And it’s also about sexual repression, obsession with violence, paranoia, sadomasochism and a ton of other fun stuff.

Whatever your take on “Videodrome” it certainly is a film that anyone with any interest in the medium should experience.

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