Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story ★★★★

I enjoyed “Walk Hard – The Dewey Cox Story” in the theater, but was a little lukewarm about it. And so was most everyone else as it didn’t perform very well. Re-watching it now, I appreciate it much more and find it very, very funny.

Generally speaking I’m not very fond of straight biopics and their melodrama and need to hit the high and low points in the career of the athlete/rock star/actor, so I’m probably predisposed to respond favorably when they get lampooned. That, or I was just really happy and proud of Dewey Cox for learning to play guitar so well despite not having a sense of smell.

There are consistent laughs throughout and the songs are hilarious and quite catchy. John C. Reilly does a great job of playing the character though all different eras of music without making it feel fragmented or too episodic – he’s always the same guy, just different. And always funny.