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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc
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  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    Imperfect Red 

    Black ~> White ~> Yellow ~> Red : Nigredo ~> Albedo ~> Citrinitas ~> Rubedo. Alchemical refinement through essential states in perpetual rotation, a sublimating spiral. This pertains to a music/color theory* of the film I did not cover when I logged this last, one I have seen no one ever write about so I might as well include this as an addendum. The last entry was an attempt to understand a singular experience by couching it in formalized ideas…

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    If On A Winter’s Night A Movie Star


    Différance: The Motion Picture*

    This won’t be a true review of Millennium Actress, and to many, may not even pass legibility, let alone seem coincident to the movie. (You may depart now, reader; doubly so if you have never seen it.) A closer approximation would be that I am unpacking what this film, Satoshi Kon’s sophomore feature – and, I believe, his Rosetta Stone – means to me as a text diachronically,…

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  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    Winkie’s Diner logic, but flat-footed, reiterated to the nth: the worst expectation is the reality, ergo anxiety. Technically have this rated lower than Aster’s last two features but I think I’m fonder of this than those two for not being empty frustrations of genre; you would have to find the genre for Beau Is Afraid to frustrate – Kaufmanesque? Kaufman would certainly key on something more universal to the human experience with his surrealism, and far more truly neurotic than…

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Strong individual scenes, moments, but I confess I did not find the higher gear until they are pretending to be the other’s friend on the phone, describing their encounter with each other. They allow a game to speak frankly about what they mean to each other, of course. What struck me though was that a parcel of the film’s time, its past (train encounter), had been reinserted into it its present, and its discursive structure in concatenating scenes, the topics…

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  • All Dogs Go to Heaven

    All Dogs Go to Heaven

    My dog passed today. Was emotionally and physically sore after I dug his grave, and wanted something comforting, and dog related, to put on. Probably haven’t seen this since a pre-Kindergarten VHS, but Bluth’s imagery has stayed with me practically my whole life, so why not go back to the well. The wells came up alright. Just what I needed. 

    This is surprisingly classical (Cabin in the Sky meets a gangster picture), also really good. You can’t keep a good dog down


  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Aviation law has its roots in the ancient codes of maritime law. The idea was that the sky was analogous to the sea, with like currents and streams, and once the air entered the realm of navigation, taxonomy and customs of water travel were adapted as framework. Space law has followed from this. We lay the grammar of the familiar atop the uncharted. We could say the Moon and Mars in Ad Astra have “terrain”, even though the word carries…