Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★

“These like new technologies are totally changing culture now.”//“Especially now that everything is digital.”

A satire from an enormous superflux of Incident and Meaning that somehow is significant in how it is not, and all balanced upon a comic wavelength of estrangement. In its incoherent sprawl of screens-in-screens, angles, and schemes, and an ugly digital capture equal to its phony world, this formally re-presents the subject of its satire (America, the near future, how we experience it) and in so doing engenders an alienation that allows us to engage with and think through its absurd surfaces – there’s something oddly clarifying in watching those SUVs fuck. Not for nothing is most of the cast comedians and comic actors. Simultaneous existence through culture, consumption, and identity in a nation of thin, violent ideologies: we don’t mind when it’s called Nocturama. Can’t we let Richard Kelly out of director jail yet?

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