Phineas and Ferb: The Movie: Candace Against the Universe

Phineas and Ferb: The Movie: Candace Against the Universe ★★★★½

I’ve been waiting for this movie forever. It’s what’s gotten me through school the past week. I’m so glad we have Fridays off because of the pandemic because I was able to wake up early (it’s my Friday and I can choose what to do with it) and watch the movie.

So how is it? AMAZING.

You can tell that the whole Dan and Swampy crew really worked hard to make this different from anything they’ve done. I know a big question about the movie with the PnF/MML fandom was “what’s the point? we’ve already seen a billion other space adventures, why is this any different?”. And this is something the whole crew realized. This isn’t a space movie, this is a Candace movie.

I don't know if you're like me, but I never really loved Candace as a character. It was more of a Doof guy. Candace just didn't click, maybe it's because I had a similar "intensely voice" sister that didn't really get along with me so watching someone that reminded me of my sister just felt weird to me. So when I heard she was getting her own movie I was like "Uh, okay. I guess I'll watch it". And as the marketing grew the more excited I grew and it quickly became my most anticipated film of 2020. The fact that Candace was kind of lost from my mind.

But I watched it, and I got to say this movie may be the most fun movie I’ve watched in a while. Everything just completely hits. The music is great. One thing that I think people haven’t noticed is that this is the first PnF/MML project to get an orchestra to perform a score for them. And it shows! Every song slams and the score is just beautiful. “Adulting”, "The Universe Is Against Me", “Us Against the Universe” both deserve some Best Orignal Song Oscar nominations if you’re asking me. A lot of people were saying the animation was going to be terrible. And it’s not! Sure, there are a few weird looking shots in the first 5 minutes or so but after that. Jeez. This film looks pretty much flawless. The acting. THAT’S RIGHT. ACTING. NOT VOICE ACTING. I realize that they mean the same thing in this scenario, but for some reason saying voice acting feels demeaning for some reason. Ashley Tisdale does an amazing job and this made me realize she really is one of the best actors of the whole franchise. I was surprised at the amount of emotion she can pull off. And is it just me or did Vincent Martella get a lot better at singing? Ya ya he’s sung pretty good in the past, but here he is just jamming! The way he say’s “And on Disney+ you can watch our brand new MOV-IE!” in “We’re Back” is just so fire. Right about now you’re probably wondering “this is kind of a long paragraph bud. Are you really going to go through every actor and actress?”

Yes. Yes I am…… Just in a whole new paragraph since I thought it would be funny to devote this whole new section just to a joke that is now going on way longer than it should’ve. I mean really I’m just over-explaining at this point. In retrospect, I probably should’ve just left it at “Yes. Yes I am.” but no, here I still am typing again and again m. Yes, you see! Right there. I accidently just pushed the “m” key. I don’t why I’m explaining that to you right now and not just deleting it and ending the paragraph. Speaking of ending the paragraph I should probably do that.

Okay. I’m done. Anywho. Next up. David Errigo Jr. What a great Ferb. This is his second time playing Ferb since MML and he does a great job. He brought this personality to Ferb that I think Thomas Brodie-Sangster (as good as he is) never really quite brought. Especially with that whole “say that 5 times fast” running gag.

Dan Povemire. Now there’s a man. That man has really inspired me. Now that I’m older I’ve been able to step back and realize what inspired me as a kid to make me what I am today. And I’ve narrated it down to three things. Bert (Mary Poppins), Dr. Doof (PnF/MML Franchise), and Dakota (PnF/MML franchise). And I don’t know if you noticed but those last two people are both Dan. And I love them both. Dan inspired me through these two lovable characters and I think people can see a little bit of both Doof and Dakota in me. And Dan you continue to inspire me in this movie. The amount of lines you pull of perfectly is amazing.

Ali Wong does a great job at possibly this franchise’s best villain. Her character, the amazingly named, Super Super Big Doctor is just everything you’d want in a villain and most of that is thanks to Ali’s great performance. Alyson Stoner, Bobby Gaylor, and Maulik Pancholy all do the characters they were meant to play amazingly and with a lot of charm (honestly, this might be the funniest all these characters have been).

Olivia Olsen does amazing and it really goes to show you how far Vanessa has come as a character. Jeff “Swampy” Marsh (and yes he has inspired me pretty much just as much as Dan. It’s just that I find a piece of Doof and Dakota in me more that Monogram and Cavendish, who are both great too.) and Tyler Mann both do the most with what little they are given. Oh, and Dee Bradley Baker is a legend as always.

Ya that’s a handful to read, sorry.

And I don’t really think I can dive into it as much as I want to right now, but the plot is so easy to follow and literally had me invested every second. And of course, there’s THAT SCENE. The scene where Phineas and Ferb give their gift to Candace. I had to idea what this gift was, but when I saw Candace push the button and just all of the memories the siblings have together swarm her as the score grows more beautiful and more beautiful. If you didn’t at least almost form a tear, I’m sorry but you don’t know cinema. How many times as the PHINEAS AND FERB AND MILO MURPHY’S LAW (DWAMPYVERSE) MADE YOU CRY. For me and a lot of people, I have to assume that number is 1 thanks to today.

Anywho let me get to my thoughts on Candace.

Candace got a lot better for me. I legit think she’s a pretty great character now. In the past whenever I watch PnF I was more focused on the Phineas and Doof plots (I’M NOT SEXIST). They just seemed more interesting to me and perhaps a little more fun. But after watching this eye-opening film I have the urge to go rewatch some PnF and look at Candace’s character with a more open eye now that I legit love her. To think that this character that I resented for reminding me of my sister, who has never loved me, I can’t help but think one thing.

If I can find a way to love Candace, surely I can find a way to love my sister. Right?

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