Eternals ★★★

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In terms of faithfulness to the original property, Eternals is probably the least-successful MCU entry to date. Putting that aside, it's not terrible. The concept is fairly interesting and the visuals are wonderful (save for one weak CGI sequence set in the prehistoric past). There are also some really good performances, particularly from Kumail Nanjiani (who, ultimately, is completely wasted at the end) and Lia McHugh. The biggest problem with this movie is that they put most of the emotional weight of the film on the relationship between Ikaris and Sersi, a relationship which is underdeveloped and doesn't feel organic on the screen in the slightest. These two characters have the least personality of the entire group, boiling down basically to "used to love each other, something happened," and not going any farther than that. Tragedy only works if you feel for the tragic figure, and the film doesn't make me sympathize with Ikaris at all. It's not the worst Marvel film, but it's probably in my bottom five.