LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League - Gotham City Breakout ★★★★

2018 Superhero Rewatch: In which I return to superhero movies I've seen before to see how time has treated them.

These LEGO movies are always fun, but I think this may be my favorite. Batman's family decides to take him on a vacation, which turns out to lead to a battle with Deathstroke. Meanwhile, the Justice League and Teen Titans are trying to keep Gotham safe in his absence, and learn it may be more difficult than they'd imagined. This is the funniest depiction of Superman in the series -- they've always played up the Boy Scout angle to the character, but he gets even MORE corn-fed in this installment, insisting that Robin get to bed at a decent hour and totally underestimating the "powerless" villains of Gotham City. The two stories run parallel without really converging in the end, so it's almost like watching two movies at once. And it's a lot of fun.