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  • Fear, Anxiety & Depression


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  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


                   The Passion of Screenwriting. 
                     Written by Blake Patterson. 

                     Chapter One: Introduction

        “If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed,” stated by director Stanley Kubrick. At the beginning of cinema, screenwriters could only project ideas through movement. The lack of sound at the time was a barrier to be deal with. Once sound…

  • Nashville



    Living in Altman’s America...
    Starring: Ned Beatty. Ronee Blakley. Keith Carradine.
    Directed by Robert Altman.
    By Blake Patterson.

       After the Paramount logo appears with a black-and-white font, Robert Altman’s Nashville indicates three opening credits: ABC Entertainment, a Jerry Weintraub production, and a Robert Altman film. The editing of these credits was treated as a reflection upon the lower-left surface. Then, the motion picture bends the conventions of opening credits sequences by incorporating a fast-paced narrator and an…

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  • Fear, Anxiety & Depression

    Fear, Anxiety & Depression


    Young Todd Solondz is absolutely adorable. What a guy! Anyways, this feature debut displays a strong influence in the work of Woody Allen. By Allen’s standards at this point, they are far above this Solondz feature. However, this feature emanates some of the themes——fear, anxiety, and depression——Solondz would explore in his later work. Fear, Anxiety & Depression is not a successful comedy, but it is one of natural amiability. Even when gags and lines fall flat, there is energy in the execution. This movie is the complete opposite of Solondz’s official style, but it is the initiation.

  • Wiener-Dog



    I would say Todd Solondz’s Wiener-Dog is a Buñuelian Balthazar, but Buñuel would be more biting in his approach. Unlike Balthazar, this world-through-animal structure does not amount to much resonance. Some stories are more resonant than others. 

    Remi’s story: Considering the talent, Tracy Letts and Julie Delpy elevate the bland material, but the jokes are still flat. The diarrhea trail is kind of amusing, but this is second-tier Solondz. 

    Dawn Wiener’s Revival: Dawn gets the comeback she deserves after her…

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  • Firestarter


    As I look over Stephen King’s film adaptations, I think this Firestarter might be the worst. The film is so unbearably dull to sit through, and it makes Dreamcatcher look like The Shining. In terms of its aesthetics, Firestarter is blandly televisual with its overt darkness and the cheap CGI. Honestly, it is the equivalent of a Hulu original. For such a boring film, the performers are overacting like a bunch of drunk sailors at a pub. To see the…

  • Dune



    Blockbuster Hysteria…
    Directed by Denis Villeneuve.
    By Blake Patterson.

      During my adolescence, I found the work of Denis Villeneuve to be compelling. Now, most of Denis Villeneuve’s work—particularly Polytechnique—leaves me cold due to how self-serious they are. Call it a sign of cinematic maturity. As for Villeneuve’s latest feature Dune, it continues to confirm my position. Even if critics suggest the redefinition of epic, Villeneuve’s Dune is as conventional as a blockbuster can be, but it derives…