• The Portrait of a Lady

    The Portrait of a Lady

    This lady might not be “on fire” but she IS wearing a 19 inch corset! Social media maven Marie Bardi joins the boys to dissect Campion’s tepidly received follow-up to “The Piano” - the emotionally claustrophobic 1996 Henry James adaptation “The Portrait of a Lady”. If “The Piano” gave Jane her Blank Check, this film is a big swing and (in our opinion) a slight miss. Topics discussed include: John Malkovich’s clothing line for the modern dandy; the unfortunate plastic…

  • Ghostbusters


    Griffin, David, and Ben continue the Ghostbusters commentary with 2016's Answer the Call (Extended Edition)! Topics include: dunking on Edward Begley Jr, Bill Murray's death, the lack of NYC authenticity, this entry's legacy in the franchise and more!

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  • The Piano

    The Piano

    Just imagine…it’s 1993. Bill Clinton is in the White House, Seinfeld is on TV, and America has PIANO FEVER! Newly-minted member of the Five Timers Club Esther Zuckerman joins us to unpack Campion’s Oscar-Winning erotic drama (possibly the first prestige pic to feature mild butt play). We’re asking all the tough questions: is “The King’s Daughter” the new “Margaret”? Should Harvey Keitel play Wolverine? Did Sam Neill tell Anna Paquin that he was going to work with actual dinosaurs after their shoot? Does Mr. Skin have a film critic on staff?

    Our episode is available here: audioboom.com/posts/8021591-the-piano-with-esther-zuckerman

  • An Angel at My Table

    An Angel at My Table

    Dana Stevens (Slate.com / Her new Buster Keaton biography “Cameraman”) returns to the pod to *literally* wax poetic about the literary coming-of-age story “An Angel At My Table”. The film is an intimate, often heartbreaking saga of a woman discovering her own creative voice…and yes, the woman just happens to look like Little Orphan Annie. The gang discusses the film within the context of other films that show age progression through the casting of multiple actors; the context of films…

  • Ghostbusters II

    Ghostbusters II

    Can't believe we gotta bust two more times after this.

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