Moonlight ★★★★½

Moonlight is a visceral wonder of an emotional nature. Chiron's tale is one of repression, oppression, and ultimately, hope and freedom. It's a film needed at this time in the world, but even if we lived in a better world, it'd still be wonder. Barry Jenkins directs with skill that puts you right there with Chiron, and Hibbert, Sanders, and Rhodes all embody him in the way that we instantly understand where he is in his life, and why he is confused on what he wants. Ali and Harris live up to the hype as well, but really, this has a pitch perfect cast all the way through.

The score is incredible, and the soundtrack is wonderfully selected. The cinematography also frequently astounds, once again allowing us to see the world from Chiron's view in a way that we see his horror, and, all too briefly, his amazement. It's a film of a powerful nature, composing a beautiful concoction of sight and sound that constantly amazes.

Moonlight is a miraculous work of art that is absolutely necessary to see. Chiron may be lost, but he can find hope and love despite the odds of the world he is in. Jenkins has made an exquisite piece of cinema that will be remembered for years to come.

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