Favorite films

  • A Night to Dismember
  • Blonde Death
  • Tales from the Quadead Zone
  • I Was a Teenage Serial Killer

Recent activity

  • Beware! The Vanishing Family

  • NightScream

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Fan Film Recreation

  • Corruption of the Damned

Recent reviews

  • Beware! The Vanishing Family

    Beware! The Vanishing Family

    Confrontation takes courage. Especially when you’re grappling with internal demons. BEWARE! THE VANISHING FAMILY is a 32-minute, nonlinear collage that uses trash-horror visuals to assist in the performance of a psychological exorcism. It’s an undiluted stab of raw expression, and there’s not a single moment that isn’t totally mesmerizing. Written and directed by non-binary filmmaker Luca D’Andrea and available to watch for free on Vimeo, BEWARE! is filled with overlays that look like Game Boy Advance cutscenes on acid, droning…

  • NightScream


    NIGHTSCREAM is a classic TV thriller that’d fit somewhere between the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime in 1997. The acting is big, the cliffhangers are bigger, and the drama is turned up to the level of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, which is to say real high. There’s a nosy journalist, a greedy landowner, and a really crappy boyfriend. The plot, melodrama, and surreal dream sequences are pages ripped savagely from the TWIN PEAKS playbook. There’s even a Chris Isaak rip-off closing…

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    HALLOWEEN PARTY is a minimalist slasher that features stolen music from HALLOWEEN, 8-bit text crawls, and a cast of real-life teenagers who talk very fast. While it follows the basic template of other shot-on-video hangout slashers like BLOOD LAKE, HALLOWEEN PARTY is less of a “real movie” and more of a “home movie.” That’s what makes it cross the threshold from a charming curiosity to a time-warp treasure chest that overflows with Halloween mood. Like GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL and…

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Fan Film Recreation

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Fan Film Recreation

    Most vintage teenage fan films were made by dudes. So they’re universally fueled by beer, gore, and “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys. For proof, look no further than HALLOWEEN: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE MASK. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: THE FAN FILM RECREATION is different. Freddy barely appears. Instead, Colleen Briggs and friends focus on character development, story, and endearingly dorky dialogue (“They’re defenseless in their dreams and that’s precisely what they need!”). For a few weekends in 1989,…