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  • Twisted Issues

    Twisted Issues

    "TWISTED ISSUES is the debut film from underground art-barf filmmaker Charles Pinion. It has a killer with a skateboard attached to his foot and girls screaming. So, you could label it as a “slasher” without sounding like an ass. But the face-crushings and impalements are just there to anchor us. Pinion wasn’t interested in narrative or logic. He was interested in documenting the punk/skate/thrash scene of Gainsville, Florida in the late 1980s. So TWISTED ISSUES feels like an issue of…

  • Scream Dream

    Scream Dream

    "SCREAM DREAM is glorious, significant, and borderline illiterate. Another Tennessee SOV from Donald Farmer, this film portends to be a heavy metal horror film. It delivers on that promise, as long as your definition of “heavy metal” involves Southwestern tapestries and vocals-without-mouth-movement. But, there’s something fresh going on. Like TWISTED ISSUES, SCREAM DREAM is a SOV horror film that is also a document of a music scene. In this case, it’s the one that surrounds real-life band RIKK-O-SHAY and their…

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  • Carnage


    "CARNAGE is not a film that everyone needs to see. It’s padded with establishing shots of Milligan’s Staten Island home and conversations between inconsequential people. There are long sequences of Carol sitting in a chair and drinking wine. There’s a house warming party with a very long toast. The camera is stuck on a tripod and left for dead. But I can’t dismiss the film. The lack of vitality may be a problem, but Milligan’s cynicism is always present. And…

  • Ogroff


    "OGROFF is a slasher perversion from the foothills of France. It’s also a benchmark in the halls of accidental, no-fi surrealism caught on Super 8/home video/construction paper. Shot sometime in the early 1980s by director video shoppe owner/horror zine publisher Norbert Georges Moutier aka Norbert Moutier aka N.G. Mount, I’ve watched OGROFF four times in three years. Each successive viewing brings me closer to the plotless, gore-drenched, gutter-poetic truth. Yet, that truth constantly eludes me. This film shocks me. It…