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Since 2004, BLEEDING SKULL! has explored the depths of underground cinema through reviews, books, and home video releases.

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  • Pathogen
  • Boardinghouse
  • Treasure of the Ninja
  • Jungle Trap

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  • Dark Cat

  • Satan's Bite

  • Hi, It’s Your Mother

  • Rest In Peace

Recent reviews

  • Dark Cat

    Dark Cat

    An adaptation of the manga by Naomi Kimura, DARK CAT takes time to build momentum. It lacks the thoughtful mythology of DEVILMAN and the icky sleaze of CALL ME TONIGHT. But so what? This movie explodes with J-pop synth jams, gross-out violence, and surreal imagery straight out of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4. It moves fast, thanks to a kinetic editing style and a plot that constantly pivots from one outrageous detail to the next. There are psychedelic dream…

  • Satan's Bite

    Satan's Bite

    There will never be another 3-minute horror movie as satisfying as this one. SATAN’S BITE is the living embodiment of Shirley Jackson’s THE WITCHCRAFT OF SALEM’S VILLAGE on a microdose level, as we witness the persecution of a woman who has been accused of being a witch in ye olden times. The story is nothing new. But the execution is majestic. Shot silent on one cartridge of Super 8 film with only in-camera edits by director Dean Puckett and producer…

Popular reviews

  • Boardinghouse


    Just sharing this to commemorate the day that we released BOARDINGHOUSE on Blu-ray with AGFA! We still can’t believe it’s a real thing that happened.

    One of the movies that inspired the launch of Bleeding Skull, BOARDINGHOUSE is a hallucinogenic maelstrom of madness from director-producer-actor John Wintergate and writer-producer-leading-lady Kalassu. It’s also the first shot-on-video horror film to be blown up to 35mm and released theatrically. We’re ecstatic to bring the 35mm theatrical cut to home video for the first…

  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    HALLOWEEN PARTY is a minimalist slasher that features stolen music from HALLOWEEN, 8-bit text crawls, and a cast of real-life teenagers who talk very fast. While it follows the basic template of other shot-on-video hangout slashers like BLOOD LAKE, HALLOWEEN PARTY is less of a “real movie” and more of a “home movie.” That’s what makes it cross the threshold from a charming curiosity to a time-warp treasure chest that overflows with Halloween mood. Like GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL and…