Knife+Heart ★★★★★

Unlike anything I've seen before but a true queer horror film. Lurid, sexy and retro Knife + Heart takes its genre and runs with it visually and creatively as a gay porn Giallo mixed with elements of fantasy and the surreal. Its a film unlike anything you've ever seen, literally. A queer horror film with a "leather face leather daddy" as stated in another review. So damn stylish and visually enticing, it envelops you in its late 70's Paris with a hypnotic score from the amazing M83. Love the final score before the end credits called Lover's Refrain.

For those looking for something to satisfy their appetite afterwards check out some of the films that influenced it like Dressed to Kill,
The New York Ripper, Cruising, Tenderness of Wolves, American Werewolf in London. Yes, there all in there.